About BBD Academy

BBD Academy is one of the finest school in Lauwaar, Patti Pratapgarh. It is among the top school as it assures for the perfect education in its campus. It provides the student with the environment which is safe and help the students to nurture and grow. The experienced teachers over there cares for the ultimate knowledge that is delivered to student. It enhances the best in students and also show a path for their creativity and appreciates it. Students here are not only bound to studies but also participate in extra curricular activities according to their own choice. The prime motive of this school is to make every student sound, creative and smart. They not only cover studies but also enhance students and their overall personality. Hence, the school is the best CBSE school in Lauwaar, Patti Pratapgarh with all the facilities available both for teachers and students and is thus, recommended by most of the parents. So, visit the school for the better experience of your child and their development as a whole..

The mission of the Society is to promote excellence in the field of Educational Engineering, Pharmacy and Management. The main objective of the society is to establish various technical institutes to groom the students, the Future Generation.